August 1, 2018 - BTIA is proud to welcome its latest luxury, Italian-made fashion brand, Kristin Lopopolo, into its lineup of Italian luxury.

Kristin Lopopolo is dedicated to designing the most luxurious accessories and leather goods. Her line is solely Made in Italy of premiere craftsmanship, using only the finest fabrics, Italian leather and Italian stitching. The designs feature unsurpassed attention to detail, resulting in a most sought after, timeless and unique line.

Kristin Lopopolo is a Palm Beach-born, American-Italian designer with an outrageously loud personality that is funneled to focus on her relentless attention to the finest detail. Her enthusiastic approach to work and play is shaped from her commitment to being a lifelong athlete and vegetarian. Her designs of accessories and leather goods are an inspiration of the Italian country-side on the out skirts of her favorite city, Verona. Her inspiration comes from her effervescence for nature and her comprehension of the finest Italian traditions and culture. In turn, resulting in producing a most timeless and unique Italian line.

About Btia
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Kristin Lopopolo
Instagram: @kristinlopopolo