About Us

BTIA is a premiere full-service luxury brand marketing and sales agency. Revolutionizing all current and outdated sales agencies.

Our inspiration is derived from the love of what we do.

Our co-founder Patrick Ohannessian has a tireless work ethic, with determination to succeed making him synonymous with the word relentless. Patrick and his both young and veteran team remains laser focused on getting results for his most carefully selected clients with product brands that are aimed at delighting consumers.

Most importantly, BTIA is an agency that leverages customized methodologies to gain in depth insights on consumer intentions, leading the charge on driving our luxury brand clients into the leading upscale North American point of sales.

BTIA understands that today's world is driven by socially based purchase decisions. Hence, channeling our conversation is vital to obtain the leading retail network. Our team works relentlessly spotting trends and finding leading retail point of sale prospects. Our strategy applies to every client, everywhere - working to drive unthinkable connections between our premium clients and the most prestigious point of sales.

Mr. Ohannessian is a specialist at breaking down where the opportunity is and rendering his client's brands attainable to all. Mr. Jordan R. Whitewick is the Director of Technology & Development. He is located at our Montreal, Canada headquarters and is responsible with aspects regarding technology, project management, infrastructure operations and IT operations. Jordan has extensive IT service management within various industries such as Retail, Finance, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing. He is instrumental in allowing BTIA to pursue every avenue of potential growth, driving customers to purchase more or spend more money.

We learn all we can about the point of sales to determine how we can integrate our brands within their space. Then we implement our team's plan that triggers consumers to ultimately make the purchase.